Undergraduate Program

The UConn College of Engineering Undergraduate Program features 12 majors and 16 minors. Our students are qualified and high-achieving, with the average SAT score of incoming students at 1306. The College awarded $527,000 in scholarships to 230 students in 2020. Choose the University of Connecticut as its rated among the top 30 public universities in 2020. With 23,000 undergraduates across four regional campuses, UConn offers numerous opportunities to make your mark in the collegiate, local and global community.

We are a resource for undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and we're available to support them towards their academic, professional, and personal goals. In addition, we are invested in providing our undergraduate students with the tools and assistance they need to be successful in their academic careers. We have resources that allow students to familiarize themselves with what we have put in place to support them such as:

  • Professional advisors
  • Well-qualified peer tutors
  • The Q center
  • Written materials like curriculum outlines, guidelines for transferring coursework, "gen ed" lists


Undergraduate Programs Website