Industry Advisory Board

Industry Advisory Board

The College of Engineering has an active, engaged, and diverse advisory board representing industry, government, alumni, and higher education. The board meets as a group twice a year, but sub-groups may meet more often to provide timely input on issues of importance to the school. Members are also contacted by the dean when guidance or support is needed. Members are appointed for renewable three-year terms.

Hamid Adib

Ron Angelo

Sudhi Bangalore

Scott Beecher

Kevin Bouley

Kenneth Bowes

Michael Cantor

Alexandra Daum

Anne Evans

John Forster

Bryan Garcia

Shekhar Garde

Joseph Giulietti

Joseph Helble

Kurt Hesch

Geoff Hunt

Carol Juel

Paul S. Lavoie

Charles Lee, Ph.D., FACMG

Edison Liu

Robert P. Madonna

Tom A. Martin

Rick Mastracchio

Matthew McCooe

J. Michael McQuade

Sharon L. Nunes

Matthew J. Olander

Jeanmarie Olive

Thomas W. Prete

Mark Raymond

Eric B. Reed

Stephen Russo

Ramesh Sepehrrad

Sudhakar V. Shenoy

Doug Shidler

Paul Singer

Paul C. Stuart

Matthew Teicholz

Kris Vaughn-Morico

Mark Vergano

Ray Wright

Doug Young