Ramesh Sepehrrad

former Vice President and Risk Officer

Ramesh Sepehrrad is an author, scholar and practitioner with unique multidisciplinary background in technology executive leadership, innovation, research in cybersecurity, conflict resolutions, gender studies and international relations. Dr. Sepehrrad, brings more than 25 years of experience in technology, academic research and joint consortium management between public, private and academic sectors focusing on innovative transformations, risk management, policy, international governance, security, international operations, and customer relations across multiple industries.

In her FinTech roles, Dr. Sepehrrad leads the Enterprise Risk Management groups to reduce overall operational and cybersecurity risk for the firm. She headed the governance, risk management process, and risk culture on technology, information and resiliency. Prior to joining various FinTech companies, she was at Comcast for 10 years and responsible for several GRC, cybersecurity oversight in several areas including product and enterprise security practices. At Comcast, she also led successful R&D initiatives on hardware security, IoT, and Blockchain. She is the founder and Managing Director of S&B Strategies supporting Chief Risk Officers, CIO’s and CISO’s on adoption of Operational Risk within financial sectors and the largest Credit Union in America. With expertise in cybersecurity, technology and business resiliency, Dr. Sepehrrad is a recognized among the industry scholars and practitioners in US and Europe.

Dr. Sepehrrad has been the recipient of many industry, executive leadership, and academic awards including the Academy of Distinguished Engineers at the University of Connecticut. In 2017, Dr. Sepehrrad received the Cybersecurity Innovation Award at the Cyberseed Conference. In 2018, Dr. Sepehrrad presented at the prestigious RSA Conference on “Age of the Machines in Cyber—Machine Learning and AI, the Next Frontier.”

Dr. Sepehrrad is currently severing on several boards including technology and cybersecurity companies, advising three nonprofit organizations, including University of Connecticut, and a founding member and executive sponsor of Center for Security Innovation at University of Connecticut.

Dr. Sepehrrad holds a bachelor’s degree from State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNYAB) in Computer Science, Master of Science in Political Science and PhD in Conflict Analysts and Resolution from George Mason University. She is an established author and her recent book is titled “Cyber, Social Conflicts and Humanity.”

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