John Forster

Vice President

Mr. Forster is FLEXcon’s Vice President, International Sales & Corporate Development. He joined the company in 2004. The group evaluates new markets and technology platforms; acquisitions; and joint ventures. His projects include overseeing sponsored research at UCONN and mentoring new employees. Mr. Forster has prior executive officer experience at (1) a FLEXcon supplier; (2) a FLEXcon customer; and (3) a publicly held environmental company. Mr. Forster received his MBA from Harvard Business School; a BS - Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and completed graduate Environmental Engineering work at Northeastern University.

FLEXcon Overview: FLEXcon manufactures pressure-sensitive adhesive films and products for indoor/outdoor advertising; consumable and durable goods; healthcare, electronic, transportation and industrial applications. Headquartered in Spencer, Massachusetts, FLEXcon has operations throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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