James E. Barger

Dr. Barger is semi-retired from his position as Chief Scientist at Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN) of Cambridge, MA. He joined BBN as a senior scientist in 1964, soon after earning his Ph.D. degree at Harvard University, and throughout his career was involved in helping BBN pioneer some of the worlds most sophisticated acoustical and telecommunications technologies. An expert in sonar, underwater noise detection and reduction, broadband medical ultrasound, geophysical seismic sensing, and noise and vibration cancellation, Dr. Barger designed prototypes of the explosive line arrays used by the Navys new Distant Thunder Sonar System, analyzed and designed sound sources for geophysical seismic exploration, and developed the initial science-based understanding of turbulence-induced noise as relevant to submarine stealth technology. He serves on the Engineering Deans Advisory Board and in 2002 received the School of Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award.

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