Shi-Chung Chang

Shi-Chung Chang is serving a four-year term as Commissioner of the National Communications Commission, Taiwan, Republic of China. He is responsible for regulation policy design, deployment and execution for telecommunication and broadcasting systems and services. In addition, he is a professor of electrical engineering at the National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taipei. He has held various academic and administrative positions at the National Chi Nan University and NTU. Dr. Chang has published more than 160 technical papers, and received the Annual Class A Research Award from the National Science Council of Taiwan 11 times. Dr. Chang has made outstanding contributions to semiconductor manufacturing system optimization, and he pioneered collaborative research on optimal production scheduling and control with Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing industry, which accounts for more than 20% of the world semiconductor supply. His novel integration of system theories and optimization methods and innovative scheduling algorithm designs led to successful field applications of more than 15% production increases and more than 10% inventory reductions in major foundry companies in Taiwan. In 1996, he received the National Award of Outstanding Achievements in University-Industry Collaboration from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan.

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