Michael J. Cheshire

Michael J. Cheshire is Chairman and CEO of Gerber Scientific Inc., South Windsor, CT. Mr. Cheshire joined Gerber Scientific in 1997 as President and Chief Operating Officer. The following year, he was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Before joining Gerber Scientific, Mr. Cheshire worked as a project engineer with Underwriters Laboratories (UL); a technical applications manager, and later president, of O-Z/Gedney, a division of General Signal Corporation; and president of General Signal’s entire Electrical Group. Mr. Cheshire is a member of Gerber Scientific’s board of directors, and he serves as a vice chairman of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association and Director of WESCO International. Mr. Cheshire earned his B.S. in applied physics from Dowling College. Mr. Cheshire has played a major role in supporting engineering education throughout Connecticut, and particularly at the University of Connecticut, where his advocacy has enhanced the educational quality and opportunities for undergraduate engineers through scholarships and grants, research grants and senior design projects, and internships.

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