Hugh L. Cox

Mr. Cox retired as President and CEO of Raymond Engineering in 1993 following four decades of dedicated service. He is credited with transforming Raymond Engineering from a privately-held entity to a publicly-traded company. The company, which was acquired by Kaman Aerospace Corporation in 1995, designs, develops and manufactures precision electromechanical and electronic devices primarily for military and aerospace markets. The company’s products include electromechanical devices used on the original U.S. space satellites, advanced recording machines and media used to capture, store and transmit the inspiring visual images from deep space probes we enjoy today, and firing mechanisms for advanced ordnance. Today, he remains actively engaged in the affairs of the University of Connecticut, as a member of the Founders Society, Alumni Association and Engineering Alumni Association. Mr. Cox and his wife, Judith, generously support the School of Engineering through the Hugh L. and Judith R. Cox Scholarship Endowment.

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