Michael Curtis

P.E. Michael Curtis is Director of Strategic Development and an Executive Vice President at Fuss & O’Neill Consulting Engineers, Manchester, CT. Early in his career, he worked with the Connecticut DEP Bureau of Water Management’s Planning Section, and for two years he served as a lecturer in the Civil & Environmental Engineering department at UConn. Since then, for his nearly 25 years with Fuss & O’Neill, Dr. Curtis has concentrated on municipal and industrial facility and environmental issues, including wastewater treatment, waste minimization and pollution prevention efforts. He has managed numerous municipal and industrial study and design projects throughout the region. For the last decade, he has been instrumental in creating a diverse set of new services at Fuss & O’Neill, bringing cutting-edge facility energy management, industrial maintenance excellence and production, and ‘carbon engineering’ to many facets of facility design and construction. For several years, he has concentrated on transforming portions of Fuss & O’Neill from a service company to a leader in sustainable/green research initiatives. Sponsored research projects in microbial fuel cells, cathode and anode design, indoor air quality improvement and innovative approaches to advanced wastewater treatment are ongoing. New research initiatives in real-time facility commuter trip reduction and anaerobic process are being planned. These efforts are changing the firm from a classic engineering firm to a recognized leader in innovation and design.

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