Bassel Daoud

Bassel Daoud, P.E., is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Lucent Technologies Corporation. He holds the distinction of being the fourth most prolific inventor in the world in 2000, with 270 U.S. patents, according to a press release prepared by Lucent. He joined Lucent/Bell Labs in 1986 as a Member of Technical Staff and has held positions of increasing responsibility. In October 2005, Mr. Daoud was named a Bell Labs Fellow the company’s highest honor for pioneering and implementing innovative design and manufacturing principles for cost reduction optimization which has resulted in him being awarded the highest number of patents in the history of Bell Labs and the fourth highest in the world (2000). For developing cost reduction business processes and tools that delivered phenomenal margin improvements. In his current position, he coordinates the cost-reduction efforts of the cross-functional Network Solutions Group’s Mobility team, comprising members of the R&D design group, product management and supply chain network groups.
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