Somnath Deb

Dr. Somnath Deb is the President and Chief Technology Officer of Qualtech Systems, Inc., East Hartford, CT, which he co-founded in 1993. While at UConn, Dr. Deb worked on multi-sensor, multi-target tracking, and developed a software package, PasSDAT (Passive Sensor Data Association for Tracking), which is used by the Boeing Company and Naval Surface Warfare Center. Dr. Deb also developed the START (Systems Testability Analysis and Research Tool) software program for testability analysis and life-cycle cost improvement of large complex systems. START sparked the genesis of Qualtech Systems (QSI). Dr. Deb then led a team of developers to transform START into a commercially viable product named TEAMS (Testability Engineering And Maintenance System) that became the mainstay software for QSI. Users of QSI’s toolset include NASA and DoD and their prime contractors, as well as OEMs of expensive business-critical equipment in the field of medical diagnostics and semiconductor fabrication. Dr. Deb’s current research interests include Integrated Diagnostics and Vehicle Health Management Architectures and Solutions, embodied in QSI’s TEAMS tool suite for design for service, real-time embedded diagnostics, telediagnosis, and guided troubleshooting solutions. Dr. Deb has authored 48 technical publications, received four IEEE best technical paper awards, and received the NASA Space Act Award twice.
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