Zhongxue Gan

Zhongxue Gan, Ph.D., is Vice Chairman of the Board, Chief Technology Officer of the ENN Group, President of ENN Science & Technology Ltd., and Vice Chairman of XinAoMDT Technologies Ltd., Hebei, PRC. Earlier in his career, he worked as a Technical Director and Senior Research Fellow with the ABB Research Center in the U.S. and Shanghai, where he made significant breakthroughs in four core areas of robot research: robot relative calibration, robot programming, robot real-time control and robot material removing process. Dr. Gan pioneered industrial robotic products that provide control technologies to the nuclear industry, automated and accurate blade grinding, efficient automated robotic programming, and robotic hybrid force and position control. He is the architect behind green energy initiatives at ENN Group and has invented the novel sys-energy efficiency technology which leads to an integrated energy system solution including low-temperature catalytic gasification, and carbon dioxide utilization through artificial photosynthesis, which demonstrated an eco-solution for coal-based fossil energy. He holds 17 patents and has published over 50 archival technical papers. In addition, Dr. Gan has forged strong industrial ties between the U.S. and China that enhance productive relations between the two countries, and he has worked hard to establish research collaborations between ENN and the University of Connecticut.
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