Ronald D. Goldblatt

Ronald Goldblatt, Ph.D., is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Senior Manager of Advanced Silicon Science and Process Technology at the T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY. He joined IBM in 1981 and has held technical positions of increasing responsibility culminating in his appointment to the executive position of Distinguished Engineer in 2005. Dr. Goldblatt has made outstanding contributions to silicon processes and engineering and is a leader in semiconductor materials research. He was instrumental in IBM’s transition to copper metallurgy in semiconductor processing in the mid 90’s. As the technical leader and later technical manager, he was responsible for initial feasibility, proof of concept, scale-up into development, and technology transfer to manufacturing. He holds key patents in this area. The transition to copper afforded IBM a 15% performance increase and a clearleadership position lasting several years. Since 2002, Dr. Goldblatt has led a joint research-development team that creates prototypes for many of the breakthrough technology concepts originating in IBM Research and has enabled implementation of these processes in the 300mm manufacturing line in IBM’s semiconductor fabrication facility. He is currently leading his team in expanded new directions, exploring the ultimate capabilities of silicon based devices as well as novel post-CMOS concepts.

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