Jorge Gonzalez-Velazquez

Jorge L. Gonzalez-Velazquez, Ph.D. is a Professor of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering at the Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN) and founder and Director of the Pipeline Integrity Assessment Group, a $15 million/year firm that provides research and technical services on integrity and risk assessment, metallurgical, corrosion and failure analyses of oil and natural gas pipelines located all across Mexico. The company has more than 350 employees and 10 offices. Dr. Gonzalez-Velazquez has published over 160 scholarly papers and authored the books, Mecánica de Fractura (first ed. ’98, now in third ed.) and Metalurgia Mec’nica (’99), both published by Limusa Noriega, Mexico. In 2007, the President of Mexico presented him the Lazaro Cardenas Award, which is conferred upon IPN’s most outstanding professor and researcher; he also received the 2007 Outstanding Alumnus Award presented by the UConn Materials Science & Engineering program. He received the Amalia Solorzano Award for outstanding research (’06) and the Hilario Ariza Award as an outstanding alumnus of IPN (’02). He was a top finalist for Mexico’s National Prize of Science and Technology (’05 and ’06) and remains an active candidate.

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