Andrew Hoffman

Andrew Hoffman earned his B.S. in Electrical and Systems Engineering from the University of Connecticut (1953), as well as his M.S. in Management Science from the Hartford Graduate Center (1983), now the Rensselaer at Hartford. After graduation, he worked at United Technology Corporation (UTC) for 34 years, eventually becoming the Executive Vice President of the Hamilton Standard Aerospace division. After his time at UTC ended in 1987, Andy started his own company, East Windsor Associates, a technical and management consulting firm. He remained at East Windsor Associates until 2001. At Hamilton Standard, Andy was involved in a variety of programs related to the United States Space Program. He led the programs for Lunar Module Life Support System, the Skylab crew equipment, and the Space Shuttle Life Support System. Andy was one of the engineers responsible for helping the Apollo 13 crew return home after a liquid oxygen tank exploded, which knocked out the life-support systems to the command module. While with East Windsor Associates, Andy often conducted technical and economic studies for both NASA and companies working in the space arena. He was named to the International Academy of Astronautics Committee on EVA Protocols and Operations. He also conducted annual reviews of the State of Connecticut’s Manufacturing/Assistance Program for the Department of Economic and Community Development.
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