Ronald Jacoby

Ronald Jacoby is Vice President of the Connected TV group at Yahoo!. Joining Yahoo! in 1999, he has also served as Chief Architect of Yahoo!’s Connected Life and Platform Engineering groups, and Director of Strategic Technology. After completing his Sc.M. at Brown University in 1988, Mr. Jacoby joined Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) as a technical staff member in the Networking Group. There, he invented a product called NetVisualyzer, and contributed to the International Standards Organization working group for the Coding of Moving Pictures and Audio Information (MPEG), whose specifications define the basis of all mainstream digital video delivery in use today. At Yahoo!, he has led development of the Yahoo! Connected TV platform, a product for consumer electronics manufacturers enabling televisions to be connected to the Internet. The innovation received the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ 2011 Primetime Emmy Engineering Plaque for Outstanding Engineering Achievement. Other major contributions include his early work as a pioneer in interactive television and his work on bringing streaming media to the Internet. Mr. Jacoby has three U.S. patents to date.
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