Arthur Kaufman


Dr. Arthur Kaufman is Chief Technology Officer for H Power Corporation, Clifton, NJ, a leading fuel cell development company. At H Power, he is responsible for research and development as well as the administration and performance of all government programs. He was President of the company and Vice President of Technology prior to assuming the CTO position in 2000. Dr. Kaufman has been on the vanguard of fuel cell R&D since he began his career nearly 40 years ago. Since joining H Power in 1989, he has contributed significantly toward development of leading-edge fuel cell applications. He previously worked nearly 30 years in fuel cell R&D and managerial capacities at Engelhard Corporation and UTC’s power systems division (now International Fuel Cells). Dr. Kaufman earned his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at the University of Connecticut in 1973. He earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees, both in chemical engineering from MIT and the University of Florida. The School of Engineering honors Dr. Kaufman for his outstanding achievements as a technological innovator and visionary. We are privileged to present him a 2001 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award.

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