Jeffrey Kubala


Jeffrey Kubala is a System z Distinguished Engineer (DE) at IBM’s Systems and Technology Group, Poughkeepsie, NY. The designation of DE is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated outstanding and sustained technical achievement and leadership. He is responsible for the architecture, design, and delivery of the System z Logical Partition manager (LPAR), which runs on the zSeries machines. He joined IBM in 1981 and worked on the development of the PL/AS (now PL/X) compiler that introduced a new advanced code optimizer. Later, he served on the team that produced the first version of LPAR on the 3090E processors in 1988, and he currently is involved in developing the architecture for the LPAR “hypervisor” for the zSeries machines. He is credited with contributing directly to the delivery of more than 15 generations of IBM’s multi-billion dollar system zSeries processors. Mr. Kubala is respected as the technical expert for LPAR, for his thorough understanding of customer needs, and for his original thinking in helping IBM to bridge customer needs with strategic implementation. He has 44 technical patents, including 23 filed globally.


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