Paul Mali

Dr. Mali retired after 15 years as a Director of General Dynamics Electric Boat, Groton, and 30 years as a professor at the University of Hartford, where he was a faculty member in the Project Engineering and Engineering Management area. He now conducts special programs at the Swiss Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland. Through a major donation, he and his wife, Mary, were instrumental in establishment of the undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Program and support generous scholarships for deserving students from underrepresented groups. Dr. Mali is the author of seven books, including the texts Magnetic Amplifiers (a first in the market) and Managing by Objectives, published during the ’70s and ’80s. He helped to institute the MBO system in such corporations as IBM, Westinghouse, U.S. Steel, Emhart, Nestl’, Boise Cascade, Kimberly Clark, General Motors, Alcan Aluminum and a host of others.

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