Mahmoud Melehy

Dr. Mahmoud Melehy is a professor emeritus of UConn’s Electrical & Computer Engineering department. Dr. Melehy’s research has focused particularly on generalizing Einstein’s 1905 theory of Brownian motion to surfaces, membranes and other interfaces. The generalized theory has led to a unified theory for semiconductor diodes and solar cells that is supported by experimental data reported over a 25-year period by some 27 authors. Dr. Melehy has published some 80 scholarly journal publications and one book on this subject and presented his work in numerous international conferences, including the Paris, 2005 “Einstein Century International Conference.” In 1960, he consulted at Shockley Transistor in Mountain View, California. There, he published two scholarly papers with Dr. W. Shockley, inventor of the junction transistor and co-recipient of the 1958 Nobel Prize in physics. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois in 1952 and came to UConn in 1958.

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