Jackson E. Morgan

Jackson (Jack) Morgan is Director of Propulsion Plant & Ship Systems Design & Engineering at General Dynamics Electric Boat. During his 48-year career, Mr. Morgan has supported the design and construction of the Sturgeon, Narwhal, NR-1, Lipscomb, Los Angeles, Trident, Seawolf and Virginia classes of submarine. He has been central to Electric Boat’s sustained position as the world’s expert in nuclear submarine design and construction throughout his career. In his current position, Mr. Morgan leads a 1,000 person organization responsible for propulsion plant and ship systems design and development, supporting ship design and construction programs, ship upgrades and modernization. He previously served as Director of the Seawolf/S6W and Trident/S8G units and was responsible for the S8G/MARF prototypes and S1C, S3G, D1G prototype dismantlement. He has also been instrumental in the growth, from four participants to over 100 today, of Electric Boat’s Professional Development Rotation Program, through which engineers are immersed in the structure, function and construction of nuclear submarines and establish work networks across all areas of the business.

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