Louis C. Parillo

Louis Parrillo has over 40 years of experience in technical and business leadership, which he shares through Parrillo Consulting, LLC. He was a University Scholar and earned his B.S. with High Honors and with Distinction in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut in 1964. He later earned an M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, as well as a Master of Arts from Princeton University. Starting at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Dr. Parrillo was later with Motorola, rising to the rank of Corporate Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Director of the DigitalDNA Labs for Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Sector. He led all process technology, research and development for that sector. Since retiring from Motorola in 2003, Dr. Parrillo has held executive positions at SuVolta Inc., Rambus Inc., Unity Semiconductor, and Spansion Inc. He is currently a member of the Technology Advisory Board for Cypress Semiconductor. Dr. Parrillo is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the IEEE. He received the IEEE Frederik Phillips Award for technical and managerial achievements, the Electron Devices Society’s J.J. Ebers award for process architecture and device design and the Electron Devices Society Distinguished Service Award.

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