Julie A. Pollitt

Julie Pollitt is a Program Analyst in the Office of Program Analysis & Evaluations, Office of the Administrator at the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA), Washington, DC. Her duties include development of an agency-level performance management system; negotiation of externally tracked performance metrics with the Office of Management and Budget; and product development and reporting on NASA programs and projects for the White House’s Budget and Performance Integration Initiative. Since joining NASA Headquarters in 2002,she also has served as Deputy Program Manager of NASA’s largest aeronautics research program and as a Strategic Analyst. Ms. Pollitt began her career as a Design Engineer with the NASA-Ames Research Center’s Mechanical Systems & Controls unit, Moffett Field, CA in 1988. She held various positions of responsibility, including Mars Airplane Conceptual Design Team Co-Lead; Business Development Manager; and Intelligent, Digitized Shuttle Application Lead. As a Congressional Science & Technology Fellow assigned to Rep. Tony Hall (3rd District – OH), she was responsible for legislation affecting the U.S. Air Force and related to access-to-space/reusable launch vehicles, aging aircraft and the insufficient investment in defense aerospace science and technology. Ms. Pollitt has received numerous NASA honors, including the Special Achievement and Spotlight Awards. She earned her M.S. at Stanford University (1991).


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