Francis R. Preli, Jr.

Dr. Preli is Vice President of Engineering for UTC Fuel Cells. Managing a development staff of more than 360 engineers, he has helped UTC Fuel Cells realize a 100% increase in power density and a 50-fold service life improvement of the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stacks used on stationary and automotive applications, reduce by 70 percent the size of fuel processors for transportation applications, and attain best-in-class steady state and dynamic modeling capabilities in support of conceptual design and development of power plants. He joined UTC Fuel Cells in 1998 after 20 years in various research and materials engineering and managerial positions with Pratt & Whitney. Dr. Preli has authored many archival technical publications and delivered numerous technical presentations around the globe throughout his career. He has been a strong supporter and advocate in establishment of the Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center (CGFCC) at the University of Connecticut and serves on the CGFCC Advisory Board.

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