John R. Rhode, Jr.

John Rhode is the Founder and Managing Director of Sound Consulting Associates LLC, which caters to service and manufacturing clients in the development and implementation of strategic plans, performance improvement and breakthrough management projects. Earlier in his career, as Director of Strategic Planning for Engelhard Corporation (1991-95), Mr. Rhode helped the company quadruple its stock price and led a key Engelhard re-engineering team whose successes were cited in Michael Hammer’s book, The Reengineering Revolution.

Prior to joining Engelhard, Mr. Rhode was a Senior Consultant, Director of Planning, and Vice President of Marketing and Planning for the Industrial Products Group of Combustion Engineering; Vice President of Marketing and Planning for the Power and Industrial Sector; and CEO of a Combustion Engineering subsidiary. He previously served as Vice President of LPL Technology’s Amphenol subsidiary, and Chief Engineer for the command and data links on the APOLLO Project for MIT’s Instrumentation Lab, where he was responsible for the command and data transmissions to and from the spacecraft and also participated in the preflight training of the astronauts. Mr. Rhode was a member of the Board of Directors of The Strategic Planning Institute. He earned his M.S.E. in Computer Applications from MIT and an MBA from Harvard University.

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