Timothy T. Tylaska

Dr. Timothy T. Tylaska is founder and CEO of Tylaska Marine Hardware, Mystic, CT. The company’s underpinning, patented technology—a novel release mechanism that solved a long-standing sailing problem involving the release of sails and spinnakers under tension—was originated by Dr. Tylaska during his doctoral studies. Dr. Tylaska invented additional devices and established a full production facility along with a global marketing network. Today, Tylaska Marine’s diverse hardware products are used on every sailing yacht entered in the America’s Cup races, and the company has sold over $10 million worth of products in 42 countries. He has six U.S. patents and three patent applications based on his original designs and devices. Dr. Tylaska also formed a construction division and designed and built a multi-million dollar industrial park, Mystic Business Park, LLC to serve as an incubator for small start-up manufacturing businesses. In support of his entrepreneurial endeavors, in 2011 he won a competitive Connecticut Innovations Grant for Small Manufacturers, and in 2008 he won a Connecticut Clean Energy Grant.

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