Donald Victory

Don Victory is Process & Risk Engineering Manager for ExxonMobil Development Company in Houston, TX, where he leads a global team responsible for process design, process safety, and facilities layout for major upstream projects including conventional oil and gas, heavy oil and oil sands, and helium recovery and liquefaction. He began his career with Exxon Production Research Company as a facilities engineer in 1981 and advanced through a series of engineering design, operations, and project management positions in the U.S., Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Qatar and Japan. He contributed to the development of the Controlled Freeze Zone (CFZ) process for more efficient CO2 removal from natural gas including the use of open-loop methane refrigeration that eliminates ethylene and thus increases inherent process safety. He led the conceptual design of an offshore platform that provided one-third of the domestic gas supply to peninsular Malaysia. Mr. Victory is listed as an inventor on over a dozen U.S. patents.

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