Joseph H. Yan

Dr. Joseph H. Yan is the Principal Manager of Transmission Planning at Southern California Edison (SCE). For the past decade, he has held a number of managerial positions, leading the strategy development of SCE’s generation portfolios to optimize the value of these resources and reduce the cost of serving its customers. Dr. Yan has also actively engaged in California electricity market stakeholder processes representing SCE and made extraordinary contributions to the development of the day-ahead and real-time markets, capacity market, and virtual bidding. During the 2000-01 meltdown of the California electricity markets, he was instrumental in discovering and reporting market problems and abuses; later, he developed the refund methodology that has been used in refund settlements and litigation, recovering billions of dollars for consumers. Furthermore, Dr. Yan effectively leverages his industrial experiences to alter the fundamental view of the power industry deregulation, making outstanding theoretical and practical contributions to the electricity market design and optimization. Dr. Yan is a renowned expert in power industry.

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